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This guide helps Unity creators save time and boost productivity with latest techniques on how to work faster and smarter with programmer and artist toolsets, individually or on a team.

This first version of unity was launched in 2005 with only MacOS support and until now unity is updating rapidly with tons of new functionalities and it’s really hard to get extra time and learn new techniques to match with unity pace and that’s where this course comes and help you and saved your a ton of time.

The techniques/tips/tricks here work with new and existing features in Unity 2020 LTS and above. Whether you are a new or experienced Unity developer, reference this guide to speed up workflows in every stage of your game development .

Primarily this course covers 4 major Parts:

  1. Editor workflows

  2. Artist workflows

    • 2D Art and Workflow Tips

    • Sprite Atlas

    • 10 2D Workflow Tips

    • Prefab Workflows

    • Text Mesh Pro

    • Snapping

    • Animation Workflow

    • Custom Gizmos and Icons

    • Progressive Lightmapper

    • Light Probes

  3. Developer workflows

  4. Team workflows

    • Source Control

    • Unity Accelerator

    • Unity Build Server

After the enrollment you will have this course for full lifetime access and you can find additional productivity tips, techniques and best practices in the Additional Content Section. I will be keep updating and extending this course with latest topics in the Additional Content Section.

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