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Hello everyone welcome to our class of MS Word for learning to make quality documents, letters, reports so if you are planning to learn MS Word from the beginning than you are in right place because we will cover in this class from the basic to advanced. This is a beginner level class so if you have no previous experience then you can join in this class.

Lets take a look what you will learn from this class:

1. Introduction, Workspace and Interface

2. Understanding Alignment in MS Word

3. Using Bullets and Numbering

4. Changing the text background colour

5. All about creating tables in MS Word

6. Project on making an Invoice

7. Working with images in MS Word

8. Creating a Watermark

9. Project on creating a Letter Head

10. Making shapes with MS Word

11. Page Setup for Printing

After complete this class you will be able to

– Create Documents

– Insert Images

– Make different page layout

– Design Letter Head and Invoice Design

– Put Watermark on your document

This is a project based class so during learning you will have class project so what you learned you will be able to participate in class project so you can do practice while you are learning. You will have supporting resource in this class so it will be easier for you to learn.

During learning if you face any issue or if you have any question than feel free to ask me I am always there for you to help you. So lets start learning MS Word for making quality documents, letters, reports together.

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