Hi ! I’m Pradeep Prajapati, your Instructor for this course. I know you are facing problems in your life for managing the most valuable asset of your life, and that asset is your time. In this course you will learn

This course lays a common frame of understanding by exploring what people believe about time management, enumerating the benefits of time management, formally defining the term time management, briefly going over the history of time management, and showing how time management can lead to success.

I will also teach you about Setting Goals, which will help you in setting a clear direction by establishing values, visions, and goals. When values, visions, goals, and actions are congruent, the results will be in line with expectations

Task Management, is the cornerstone of time management. Earl Nightingale said that time cannot be managed except through the control of activities. I have created a separate section for task management which will shows you how activities can be managed by making lists, prioritizing, and pruning. This section also shows how dependent actions and sequences of actions can be managed together.

We will also cover the biggest problem of human life Managing Daily Tasks , this section will shows you how to manage the day’s activities. It is important to know how much time is available and how long any task will take in order to make a realistic list of tasks for the day. This sets achievable expectations.

Deadline Management, focuses on getting things done on time. deadline management ensures that you do something by a given time. Deadline management addresses issues and obstacles that prevent on time completion of tasks. These issues include Parkinson’s Law, procrastination, Murphy’s Law, and risks.

Section 7, Overcoming Obstacles to Productivity, covers tactics to get work done quickly and with fewest errors. This includes dealing with interruptions and distractions. It also covers areas of self-discipline such as preparation, organization, delegation, and accepting responsibility.

Section 8, Measuring Your Time Management Skills, shows how to measure the effectiveness of time management. It is said that if you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. The metrics covered in this chapter show productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality. Metrics boost self image and allow you to take pride in your achievements.

I guarantee you. This is the only course you need to become super productive. If you feel that you have not learned a valuable skill in this course then you can take your money back because this course comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. See you in the course.

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