It has been established that most Wifi networks are extremely vulnerable to security breaches and are easier to be hacked than ever. Whether you are technically savvy or not, you must be aware that you need to have a password for wifi security. It is important that you understand how someone could compromise your wireless network and that there are ways out there for you to protect yourself

Why Would Someone Hack a WiFi?

If you have noticed that recently your internet is a bit slower, then maybe time to check there have been no compromises in your Wifi’s security protocols. Wifi hacking is essentially cracking the security protocols in a wireless network, granting full access for the hacker to view, store, download, or abuse the wireless network. Usually, when someone hacks into a Wifi, they are able to observe all the data that is being sent via the network. An unauthorized person using your wireless network would be able to see pretty much everything you do online. Even if you visit a HTTPS secured website, a compromised Wifi would allow a hacker to view all information processed on those sites. Below is a simplified list of vulnerable information.

Before jumping into hacking, you’ll first learn how to gather comprehensive information about the target website, then the course is divided into a number of sections, each section covers how to discover, exploit and mitigate a common web application vulnerability, for each vulnerability you will first learn the basic exploitation, then you will learn advanced techniques to bypass security, escalate your privileges, access the database, and even use the hacked websites to hack into other websites on the same server.From here onwards you’ll learn everything by example, by discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to hack into websites, so we’ll never have any dry boring theoretical lectures.

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