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Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11, the newest desktop operating system from Microsoft. Whether you are new to Windows or upgrading from Windows 10, this course will help you to work effectively. This will upskill your Windows Operating System skills to New Operating system Windows 11. Check the course content to better understand the type of lecture teaching. This course covers how to customize Windows by adjusting your preferences and account settings,how to share data between Windows devices and back up Windows and many more features we will work.

Windows 11 is the latest Microsoft operating system now being used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. But did you know, most users don’t use Windows 11 to its greatest extent? This is where “Windows 11: From beginner to advanced” comes into play. In this course, I plan on taking you on a journey through Windows 11 and introducing you to the many new features offered by Microsoft’s latest operating system. And as you progress through the course we’ll also look into critical computer optimization you must know so that Windows 11 has the best platform to run on.

This course covers: Check the Lecture from each section for more detailed list of topics that are covered, these are very just few.

  • Learn Everything About Windows 11 – Computer Basics – Computer Essentials – OneDrive – Security – Upgrade to Windows 11

  • What’s new in Windows 11

  • Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11

  • Checking system compatibility

  • How to set up Windows 11 for the first time

  • Exploring the Windows 11 interface

  • Connecting and installing devices

  • Customizing the start menu and taskbar

  • Customizing the File Explorer views

  • How to use OneDrive in File Explorer

  • Organizing and personalizing the desktop and lock screen

  • How to organize multiple workspaces

  • Using widgets and sticky notes

  • Using Windows and office applications

  • Installing and uninstalling applications

  • Using Mail, Address Book, and Calendar

  • Managing notifications and using Focus Assist

  • Using Windows search and voice commands with Cortana

  • Using Microsoft Edge and Teams

  • Managing multiple accounts

  • How to back up data

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