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Get started with Deluge Script in 30 minutes


This course is intended for people who are already existing customers of Zoho CRM. Specifically, you need access to the Zoho CRM Developer edition, which I use for explaining the concepts in this course. Make sure you have access to the Developer Edition before you enroll in this course.


This course will help you get started using Deluge Script inside Zoho CRM. It isn’t going to teach you the syntax, which is very easy to pick up if you already have any programming experience. If you already have some experience with JavaScript, the code will be almost self-explanatory. If you are familiar with other programming languages, you should still be able to understand the code fairly quickly.


Instead of focusing on the syntax (which is not really necessary for experienced programmers who are trying to learn Deluge Script), this course takes a different approach: I will explain how to do basic CRUD operations on Zoho CRM using Deluge script. In my view, it is the fastest and perhaps the easiest way to learn Deluge script.


Create – Add a new Account inside Zoho CRM


Read – Read existing information for an Account


Update – Update the details of an existing Account


Delete – Delete an account inside Zoho CRM


Once you go through this small course, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to look up further information. More importantly, you will get something working really quickly, which will speed up the process for future learning

Who this course is for:

Programmers who are already familiar with JavaScript and who are new to the Zoho ecosystem

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