Discover the wide variety of monetization strategies available for your website

What you’ll learn

  • Various options for monetizing a website or blog
  • How to identify the right monetizaton strategy for your website
  • The estimated income, requirements to start, and pros and cons of each monetization strategy
  • The laws to know before monetizing any website
  • How to maximize revenue for a website

Websites have become online real estate and offer a unique opportunity to generate revenue online. Many websites rely on only one to two common monetization strategies and miss out on the wide variety of opportunities that exist to monetize a website.

In this course you will not only discover a wide array of monetization strategies, you also gain access to resource lists full of websites where you can immediately begin implementing the strategies. The research has all been done for you!

As we look at each monetization strategy you will see:

  • Your estimated income
  • Requirements to start
  • Pros and cons of using the strategy
  • Examples of the monetization strategy in action

When working towards monetizing your website, you need to know what you’re working towards so you can monitor how it’s going and make sure you end up with the result you actually want. That’s why we’ll start by making sure you’re clear on this by going through a series of questions you should be asking.

By the end of this course you will have expanded your knowledge on the wide range of opportunties that exist to monetize your website and you will have the specific tools and resources available to you to get started right away.

Who this course is for:
  • Website owners interested in monetizing or improving the revenue of their website
  • Digital marketing agencies interested in increasing the revenue of their client’s websites

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