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Stock Trading for Beginners – How to Calculate Intrinsic Value – Learn Financial Analysis like Warren Buffett

How to trade stocks like Warren Buffett. Bonus: this course includes a stock-screener guide and the websites you can use to quickly identify potential investment opportunities.

How to set-up your investing account. This will be covered from app installation all the way to your first stock trade. This will include a list of the cheapest trading platforms perfect for the beginner investor.

How to determine intrinsic value. A comprehensive real-life example will be used to ensure you are able to calculate intrinsic value yourself. Bonus: this example relates to a company which Warren Buffett invested in. You will learn how to invest through the lens of the very best.

Know key financial concepts and the important areas of the financial statements. You will know how to calculate important ratios and where to find them. In addition, this course includes a summary of all financial ratios, how to calculate them and what they mean.

How to construct a portfolio for the active and inactive investor. Plus: Warren Buffett’s personal recommendation.