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We will learn through hands-on experience; while creating your own firebase auth app!

What you’ll learn

  • Firebase Auth With Email And Password In Android

Firebase provides an easy way to put authentication in the app. We are going to learn how to put email//password authentication in the app.

Note that this is not a theory course. I will describe about Firebase but we will learn while creating an app which uses Firebase Email Authentication. You will get step by step guidance on how to create a working email authentication app.

Even if you are a beginner in Android App Development, this course will teach you how to create email authentication using Firebase; in an easy way. There’s no need to worry or be anxious. You will learn it easily.

We will be learning the following :

  • Introduction to Firebase.
  • Connecting Firebase to our app.
  • Creating our own email/password based authentication using Firebase.
  • Creating a signup page.
  • Creating an update password method.
  • Creating an update email method.
  • Creating logout functionality using Firebase.
  • Creating layouts for above.
  • Creating a better UI/UX for the app. (Bonus!)

So, don’t think and just dive in! Want to build your own app with Firebase Authentication? Excited to learn how to use Firebase Auth in your app?

Come on in, the class has just started! 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • Android App Developers
  • Beginner Android App Developers curious about Firebase Auth
  • Firebase Enthusiasts

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