Interview Success (Instructor Demo Questions), Overcoming Screening Tests, Build Outstanding LinkedIn, Resume, CV & More

What you’ll learn

  • Complete Job Search Strategies And Practical Tips That Can Get You A Great Job Fast
  • How To Answer Interview Questions With Many Examples As The Instructor Shows You The Best Practices And How To Answer
  • Building An Effedctive LinkedIn Profile Step By Steps So Recruiters Can Find And Select You For An Interview Or Job
  • Resume And CV Writing Best Practices Plus Free Tools You Can Use To Get Noticed And An Interview
  • How Computer Scanning (ATS) Works So You Can Design Your Resume, CV, LinkedIn To Avoid Screening You Out
  • Succeeding At Testing From Tough Case Studies To Personality And Emotional Intelligence Tests And More.

Sometime looking for a new job seems like a quest. A really hard quest that has an enormous impact on your life. A quest you must succeed at in order to find a better job that fits your goals and aspirations. This course will help you with that journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

Now, some people seem to find new jobs easily. They get interviews and in many cases multiple offers. Why is that? Are they smarter. No. luckier. Nope. The answer is they have learned and applied the practical steps to ensure their success. Things like customizing a resume or CV or being overly prepared and ready for any interview question or knowing how to overcome employment testing plus recruiters finding them through a well designed LinkedIn profile and so much more.


As a manager with decades of experience I have reviewed thousands of applications/resumes/CV and interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people. There are reasons some people stand out, even if they have less impressive experience. This course will help you to position everything you do related to finding a new job in the best manner so you can be one of those who can find a new job easier than others. Plus, give you massive amounts of confidence and feeling of being in more control. I have used these techniques myself for my own career and it makes a huge difference than falling into the cycle of applying to many jobs with not much success.


Main Sections With Multiple Lessons Under Each Section:

  • Preparing For A Successful Job Search
  • Job Boards, Aggregators & More. Find And Be Found Online
  • LinkedIn Profile: Used By 87% Of Recruiters To Find People…Like You
  • Job Applications
  • Resume And  CV. Creating One That Gets You Noticed And Past Computer Screening
  • Do You Need A Cover Letter…YES!
  • Employment Testing And How To Avoid Getting Eliminated At The Beginning Or End
  • Background And Reference Checks
  • Job Interview Success
  • Next Steps + Bonus Step

Interviewing Is So Crucial That Section Is Massive And The Instructor Role Plays Out For You Great Tips And How To Answer Even The Toughest Interview Questions:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Key Skills Employers Look For
  • Typical Job Interview Process
  • Interview Formats: Get Ready For Anything
  • Virtual Interviews: Telephone, Skype, Zoom etc.
  • Interviewer Questioning Styles
  • Getting Ready For Your Next Interview
  • Handling Job Offers & Negotiations
  • Answering Questions: Methods And Techniques You Can Use In Any Interview
  • Common Opening Questions
  • Tough Questions
  • Personal Skills Questions
  • Teamwork Questions
  • Illegal Or Borderline Questions

The course is organized so you can go straight through from beginning to the end but you can also jump to any section you feel you need most. Want a better LinkedIn profile now…jump to that section. Have an interview tomorrow and your a little nervous…jump right to that section. Whatever works best for you.

It has been reported that the average person will have 12 different professional jobs in their lifetime. Sometimes they choose to leave a company and sometimes through no fault of their own they are laid off. The result is a lot of job searching.

There are many great things about Udemy but two that really stand out are:

  1. The 30-day return policy. I want you to love the course and if you don’t then feel free to return it and get your money back.
  2. Lifetime Access. That means that when you go through your current or next job change you will always have this course to review and get you ready from things like updating your resume/CV effectively or getting ready for an interview fast.

Considering the impact on your happiness and income, investing a little now in a comprehensive course could result in a big payoff for you.

The Next Step? Just click the button to enroll now.

Many thanks and I hope to see you in your first lesson and wishing you the best of success.

Steve B

Who this course is for:
  • Perfect Course For The Unemployed, Underemployed, Career Changers, Sick Of Where You Work Now Or Just Need A New Job Fast!
  • Focused On Experienced (Post University) Workers With Any Amount Or Type Of Work Experience

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