Learn nmap by doing practical nmap scans and enumeration

What you’ll learn

  • Nmap
  • Nmap Network Exploration
  • Enumeration of Services and Networks
  • Python
  • Enumeration for Penetration Testing

As the title of this course suggests, this is a course with a no-nonsense approach towards learning very important parts (if not the most important parts) of penetration testing and practical security assessments. From the moment you enroll in this course you will see, that there are no long presentations, and unneeded “fillers” in there.
You will learn network mapping and enumeration by directly engaging with Nmap command line and scanning concepts.
This course will be updated all the time, and we will seriously consider your feedback, latest trends in cyber security, vulnerabilities, precise enumeration and possible problems that users are facing with nmap.
Also, we will manage the further content updates and additions regarding already mentioned user feedback, your suggestions and problems if there are any.

Who this course is for:
  • Students.
  • Total begginers in cyber security.
  • Professionals looking to refresh and fill the gaps in their knowledge and skill.
  • Penetration testers.
  • System Administrators.
  • Network Administrators.

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