From basics to advanced Oracle SQL : Solve critical SQL queries : SQL interview preparation : Job-ready course contents

What you’ll learn

  • SQL over Oracle 19 C version on Oracle LiveSQL platform
  • A to Z in SQL on Oracle’s latest version
  • Go from an absolute beginner to an advanced SQL developer in less than 15 hours
  • RDBMS fundamentals and explanation on various terminologies for interview preparation
  • This is a complete course which does not require the students to have local installation of Oracle yet they we use the latest version of Oracle from web
  • Structure of basic query statement – Projection, Predicate and Verb
  • Use of Logical Operators – AND, OR, IN, BETWEEN, NOT, DISTINCT, LIKE
  • Various important properties of ORDER BY clause with examples
  • Deal with NULL values – IS NULL, NVL, NVL2, COALESCE
  • All forms of Sub-queries / Nested Queries – Multi-valued, Returning NULL, Set Comparison, Correlated, EXISTS operator, ANY & ALL operators

***SQL course which gained immediate popularity with the launch on UDEMY***


***Continuously being updated with new topics/videos every week***

***Added lecture SQL vs NOSQL*** > 19 Dec 2019 (under Interview Section)

***Added Interview Section*** > 15 Dec 2019

*** Added lecture Most Important SQL Queries*** > 15 Dec 2019

***Added lecture What is VIEW?*** > 15 Dec 2019


You need to learn the most important and powerful language of the database world – SQL which makes your programming skills complete and enriched in just less than 20 hours of study!

If you have already wasted your time and money in hunting for a complete yet concise course in SQL through random youtube videos or offered by inexperienced people – then you are at the right place here. This course brings step-by-step lessons in its logical series of videos to help you master the art and science of SQL. Moreover there is not even a basic knowledge of programming envisaged while designing this course.

This course has been brought by an highly experienced faculty who have had 20+ years of experience in working as Oracle developer and DBA out of which 6 years onside in USA and UK. The faculty has been working in Oracle field ranging from Oracle version 6 to the latest 19C.

This course is for everybody who likes to make career in database programming, front end programming, ERP, or in general succeed as an IT professional, management people and undergraduate students of any stream. This course is covered on Oracle’s LiveSQL platform available on web hence does not require any local installation of Oracle, yet the students can practice on latest version, the current is Oracle 19C. Being on web, students can learn, take notes or do practice sitting anywhere as Oracle LiveSQL is accessible on all the devices – PC, Laptops or even Mobiles.

Who this course is for:
  • Students interested in database back end programming
  • Programmers in any other front end language like Java or PHP or Python etc, must learn SQL
  • Engineering students, Computer Science students, Science / Commerce students – All pursuing UG or PG or completed with degree
  • Management people who are required to draw ad-hoc data as per requirement

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