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Do you wish to speak English just like the natives do? Do you want a short and simple method to learn the technique of English conversation without getting into the theoretical process of learning the English language? Then look no further…

Presenting the most effective Role Modelling and shadowing technique of learning English.

In the past English language, learners tried to master the language by learning individual words and the grammar rules to make a correct sentence. This method is not only tedious but also ineffective in short term. Moreover, the native English speakers themselves do not use this method to learn the language.

You may have observed that a large number of English learners know thousands of words and are good at Grammar but won’t speak fluent English and that reflects their poor learning strategy.

Considerable research has been carried out to identify the best way to learn the English language and it is now proven that the “Role modeling and shadowing technique” is one of the most effective ways of learning and speaking the language.

Psychologists at the UK’s University of Manchester and Holland’s Radboud University discovered in a study in 2010 that learning through imitation – imitating the person you’re talking to – helps your speech comprehension. In the words of American psychologist – Andrew N. Meltzoff “Imitation accelerates learning and multiplies learning opportunities”.

He also noted that “It is faster than individual discovery and safer than learning by trial and error.”

What is this technique and how it works?

In this method, you will be presented with some English conversational dialogues between two native English speakers on a particular topic or situation which you need to repeat – or “shadow” – what you hear, almost simultaneously with the recording.

The goal is to sound like a native speaker. In other words, you imitate the pronunciation, intonation, stress, chunking, and so on.

Why this technique?

When you apply the role modeling and shadowing technique, you will create neural connections in your brain. When it comes to speaking, you can create proper sentences quickly, accurately, and immediately without having to think about it.

What’s more, is that shadowing helps you “think in English” because you don’t have to translate back and forth in your mind. It also helps you improve your listening and pronunciation skills because you must listen carefully in order to repeat.

One more benefit of this technique is that it familiarizes your mouth with the physical movements required to produce the sounds, so you can reduce your accent and get closer to the native pronunciation.

While it may sound like the English proverb “fake it until you make it” but when you try to sound like a native speaker, soon enough you won’t have to fake it anymore. You will speak like a native speaker. In other words, this powerful technique will help you achieve native-like fluency faster than ever.

Role modeling from our day-to-day life, our daily routine to our work life, your day at school, teens conversation, conversation on Foreign Land, Higher studies in Foreign land and many more…

It is the most effective & fastest way to speak English for beginners in English, who want to reach the next level in the minimum possible time. It’s going to be a fun experience as well.


1-How was your day?

2-What’s the weather like?

3-Groceries shopping

4-Talking about buying a new dress

5-Having a conversation in a restaurant

6-Talking about museums

7-Tradition and custom

8-Talking about hobbies

9-Talking about music

10-Talking about animals

11-Describing the forest

12-Launch of a new iPhone

13-Talk about getting a tattoo

14-Talk about subscription plan on Netflix

15-What do you do to relax?

16-Talking about adopting animals

17-Talk about creativity

18-Conversation between a mom and her daughter:

19-Future career discussion

20-Talking to an interior designer

21-Describing your skills

22-Conversation between people from different cultures

23-Talking about family

24-Where did you grow up?

25-How did you meet?

26-A date

27-Birthday celebration

28-Break up talk

29-By this time next year: talking about your future

30-City vs. countryside life

31-Conversation on New Year’s Eve

32-Random conversation at a concert

33-Talk about gym and fitness

34-Talk about the job change

35-Talking about a wedding

36- Expressing negative feelings

37-Getting your driving license

38- Learning a new Language

39- Participation in a competition

40- Talk about helping nature

41-Formal Telephone conversation

42-Informal Telephone conversation

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Who this course is for:

It is an English-speaking course for beginners who can read and understand Basic English sentences. We will start a journey by hand-holding from known to unknown territory.










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