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The complete beginners guide to create a social website like facebook using two most popular CMSs wordpress and joomla

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of two of the most used CMSs ( content management system ) in the world, both wordpress and joomla
  • how to install wordpress and joomla on a local server ( on your own computer )
  • how to install wordpress and joomla on a real web server
  • how to register a domain name and web hosting service with hostgator
  • install plugins and themes on wordpress
  • install extensions and templates on joomla
  • create a fully functional social media website on wordpress
  • create a fully functional social media website on joomla

hello everybody and welcome to my course ‘ creating a complete social website with wordpress and joomla ‘.

In this course we will be creating a fully functional nice looking social media website just like Facebook and twitter; but don’t run away now and don’t worry, because no coding in this course at all.

we will be using two of the most popular and widely used content management systems in the world, the first is wordpress and the second is joomla.

The website will have all the necessary features to run a social community like posting, commenting, media sharing and more.

although wordpress and joomla are free to download and use without any restrictions, i will use some paid plugins and themes in this course but you definitely can use free alternatives, and believe me you have a great choice in the free market.

for wordpress I will be using the free plugin buddypress along with a paid theme called sweet date.

for joomla I will be using a paid extension called jomsocial along with a paid template called socialize.

but as I said, no need to buy anything since there are plenty of free alternatives, and you still can follow along with me because I’ll teach you the knowledge required to use any alternative you would like.

so don’t waste your time and enroll in the course

Who this course is for:
  • everyone willing to learn how use wordpress or joomla to create a nice looking website
  • everyone willing to learn the basics of wordpress or joomla or both

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