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Is a lack of self-confidence holding you back from the life you want to live?

Are you ready to become fearlessly honest, feel brave enough to talk to anyone, and find your true purpose in life?


The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Program will help you create a clear step-by-step pathway over 12 weeks toward creating genuine self-confidence.


“There is so much wisdom in this I don’t know where to start … To me, the best part is using the 3X model in conversations. By simply following the model you don’t have to worry about what to say anymore … conversations just tend to flow naturally.”


This course will be unlike anything you’ve tried before.

You won’t just learn how to feel more confident; you’ll develop a whole new mindset and approach to life that will open up new opportunities in every aspect of your life.


Once you apply the secret 3X Formula, you’ll be able to:

  • Form deeper, stronger relationships and friendships with people you care about
  • Talk to anyone and be yourself without worrying about what they’ll think of you
  • Figure out your true purpose in life and be ready to take action to make it happen
  • Earn the respect of the people around you as you unlock true integrity and authenticity


This course is about understanding who YOU are and embracing it.

You’ll learn to feel proud of yourself and the way you’re living so you no longer care about the judgment of other people.

By equipping yourself with the most powerful weapon imaginable – the Truth – there will be nothing stopping you from living the life you deserve.


“Dan’s material is life-changing because it is based on truth, rather than what feels good or sounds nice. The path to confidence is authenticity — knowing your values and living them every day.”


Authenticity is the heart of true self-confidence.

The 3X Model approaches authenticity as a unique way of living that’s specific to YOU.

You’re not going to be told how to live your life. Instead, you’ll learn how to remove the shame and limiting beliefs holding you back from being the most authentic version of yourself.

We’ll discover the core values that, when you start living by them, will eliminate the guilt, regret, and disappointment weighing you down.


When you invest in this course, you’ll get unlimited access to:

  • 5+ hours of video content structured to develop your integrity and self-confidence
  • Loads of free written resources, audio recordings, and tips for growing an authentic mindset
  • A step-by-step pathway to follow to become the best version of yourself and find true meaning in life

Unlock the power to take control of your life, build a solid friendship circle, and live for your values.

Most of our fears are related to social situations.

We worry that other people will reject our ideas, not like who we are, or that our honest opinions might lead to conflict.

These fears can rule our lives.

They get in the way of achieving our dreams and prevent us from forming genuine, loving connections with the people around us.

The solution to your social fears is raw, authentic honesty.

By following the lessons contained in this 12-week course, those fears will quickly melt away, one by one, until all that’s left is a fully confident person brimming with integrity and self-respect.


“One of the best courses I ever took. It helped me so much not only in the process of being more authentic and confident but also some highly valuable tips regarding conversations and general mindsets.”


“I love these concepts because they are super-effective, simple, and easy to apply. The 3X model allows me to be present and curious in any moment, and to know what to do to live honestly to my values.”


Become self-confident and build an authentic lifestyle without sacrificing who you are.

You’ll learn how to be assertive without being aggressive or mean. You’ll learn how to live by your values and eliminate guilt and dishonest behavior.

It’s time to pursue a rewarding life – one that’s not burdened by shame or regret.


By the end of this program, you will:

  • No longer care what other people think of you
  • Know what actions to take to achieve your dream lifestyle, and feel confident to go for it
  • Possess an unshakeable self-belief and brand new confidence in social scenarios

Join the 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Program today and begin the journey towards a life full of meaning, powerful connections, and genuine self-love.


“Using the 3X model has been a game changer. It’s impacted the authenticity and depth of connections I have with people, from the workplace to social situations, to talking with complete strangers … Now, if I’m going to approach a girl or go on a date, I don’t plan a single thing I’m going to say. I just 3X it the whole way. The result? Way less stress, way more interesting conversations, and much much deeper connections.”


Dan Munro is a bestselling author who has been coaching students for almost 10 years following a career spent rehabilitating serious criminal offenders. He’s helped 1000s overcome their social fears and live a better life by building a confident mindset and a powerful philosophy that can’t be rattled.

This course represents all the knowledge and tools he has learned and successfully applied to his clients and his own personal growth as a coach, father, husband, and friend.


Enroll now at no risk! The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Stop letting fear and shame rule your life and start building an authentic, confident mindset today!

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