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Grammar is not an issue in academic writing. It is also not about memorizing facts or flaunting new fonts. It is all about effectively presenting a scientific claim and supporting that claim with facts and convincing arguments. Therefore, it is imperative to learn;

· Recognize the requirements for academic writing

· How to separate the useful information from the bulk literature

· How to effectively outline and organization of literature

· steps involved in writing the first draft

· Become an expert in mechanics (grammar, punctuation, etc.)

· How to revise and polish your written article

· what things should be considered during proofreading

· Various citation and bibliographies formats

· technical stuff involved in the writing process (Titles, captions, and equations, etc.)

· The right structure of the research article

Course Overview

Many Masters and Ph.D. students find it challenging to write an SCI journal article. They usually struggle with creating papers, especially if they want to publish them in high-impact factor journals Therefore, this course begins with pre-writing lectures so that students understand how to extract useful material from raw literature and organize it in a presentable manner. This course will walk you through all the stages and tools essential for writing any kind of article, thesis, or research grant proposal.

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