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Welcome to this Technology world which are everything now are going in digital way and all we need is to live in this time too. so in financial now we get something new which called cryptocurrency which are Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. not knowing that currency it won’t stop them from   growing day to day and taking over other traditional currency. for that all thus why you have to enroll this course because  you will learn all about this new technology of cryptocurrency.

what is this course for

this course is about Non Fungible tokens, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin.

What you will learn

In this course has three section 1. about non fungible tokens 2. blockchain and 3. about bitcoin

what you will learn in section one

Non fungible tokens

1.what is non fungible tokens

ii. properties of non fungible tokens

iii. differences of non and fungible tokens

2. History of Non fungible tokens(here you will learn where it started and where it going)

3. Mega projects of non fungible tokens

4. Readbacks and mass adaptation of non fungible tokens (what the problems facing non fungible tokens and how to overcome it)

5. copyrights ( who owns the non fungible tokens copyrights).


Section 2 Blockchain

1.what is meaning of blockchain

ii. how does transaction get into blockchain

iii. what is block


2.Structure of blockchain

i. block time

ii. hard forks

iii. decentralization

iv. openness

v. permissionlesness

vi. privet blockchain

vii. disadvantage of privet blockchain


3. Blockchain analysis

4. Types of blockchain and ethics

5. Uses of blockchain



Section 3: Bitcoin

1. what is bitcoin

2. bitcoin as store of wealth

3. how does bitcoin work

4. how to buy bitcoin

5. how to safety store your bitcoin

6. how to trade bitcoin

7. what determine price of bitcoin

8. bitcoin for business

9. common myths of bitcoin

10. how to minimize risk on bitcoin

11. ways to make money on bitcoin

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