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Advanced Calculus of Higher Mathematics through animation,explanations,plenty of solved examples to help you in exam

What you’ll learn

  • Parseval’s Identity of Fourier Series: Introduction,Basics, Equations, Mathematical Proof and Problem Solutions
  • Harmonic Analysis: Introduction, Basics, Different orders of Harmonic series and Problem Solutions
  • Complex Fourier Series : Basics, Prerequisites, Equations derivation & Mathematical Proof and Problem Solutions
  • Fourier Transform: Introduction,Basics, Graphs, Fourier Sine & Cosine Transform, Convolution theorem,Mathematical Proof and Problem Solutions
  • Z-Transform: Introduction, Basics, Region of convergence, Properties,Equation Derivation, Mathematical Proof, Inverse Z-Transform and Problem Solutions
  • Power Series: Introduction, Basics, Region and radius of convergence, Interval of convergence, Differentiation & Integration,Equation Derivation, Mathematical Proof and Problem Solutions
  • Binomial Series: Introduction, Basics, Prerequisites, Methods to solve binomial series, Finite series, Infinite series, General Term, Binomial series as a power series, and


Learn Advanced Calculus through animation. The course includes videos explanation with plenty of relevant solved examples and. The lectures are appealing, fancy (graphic designing), fast and take less time to walk you through the whole lecture. A prefect choice for students who feel boredom watching long lectures. So join me here and do it in a quick and easy way. This course covers the below list of topics:

  • Parseval’s Identity of Fourier Series
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Complex Fourier Series
  • Fourier Transform
  • Z-Transform
  • Power Series
  • Binomial Series

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are taking advanced calculus of higher mathematics at college and university level

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