Stert learning the basics Rigging and animating Using Limber & duik and More

What you’ll learn

  • Rigging a Character in After Effects basics
  • What is IK / FK, Which One to Use and When
  • How to rig characters using Limber?
  • How to customize your Rigging
  • How to rig and animate faster even if you have a slow computer

Rigging A character can vary in difficulty from a very simple rig to a complex one, In this Course You will learn simple techniques , You will be able to Rig any character , animal or even any object with different ways some of them are very simple and others are complicated but with this course , these difficult ways will be clear and easy.You will learn alot of secrets and techniques that we learnt though hudreds of projects we rigged thousands of characters in them.  so You will be able to rig easily  whatever the project requirements You are working on.

You will learn the basics of rigging.

You will learn How to rig a character using the limber script. How to change its style. how to create a templete limb to use for your future charaters.

Learn how to rig animate faster even you have a slow computer

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn rigging in after effects
  • Anyone who wants to learn Limber
  • Anyone who wants to move ahead in character animation

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