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In this special business course, we’ll dive into the world of marketing and sales. There’s more to it than online adverts. It’s about growing and nurturing human relationships and with a bit of magic.


What you will learn in this online course:

  • What makes a great product/service ?
  • How to position your offering’s price so that it can compete effectively.
  • How to identify where to sell your key offering.
  • How to promote it through traditional marketing channels.
  • How to promote it through digital marketing channels.
  • We’ll learn from past traditional marketing approaches and look towards the future by implementing newer digital strategies and designing marketing funnels that will see your endeavours grow!
  • Which data metrics you should pay attention to when marketing online.
  • Which useful sites to use online as you conduct your online marketing campaigns.

Who is this course for?

  • Freelancers looking to expand their client base reach
  • Organisations looking to grow and expand their world impact 

Why take this course?

  • You will will improve your business’ reach, generate more sales leads and increasing the financial prosperity of your pursuits
  • This course is packed with great information and animations that explains marketing concepts concisely and clearly
  • Marketing is at the centre of all successful businesses and fundamental to any individual or organisation looking to expand their contributing output


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