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Discover your potential for an exports career, your implicit skills and exports skills required for exports business


Discovering your potential to become a successful global business professional was a question in your mind for a long time. You needed a short, crisp online course that could help you estimate your chances of success in international trade, exports, imports, global business, and investment. Your wait for such a course is finally over !!!


These are exactly the intentional trading skills described in this short VJ Exports Mastery Series course. This course helps you to discover your inherent skills which can ensure your success in global trade and international business. It also helps you to learn what external skills would be needed to become a successful exporter, importer, and global business professional.




The course covers:


1. Personal experiences in stories which is the foundation of the basic concept behind this course.


2. Experienced accounts and explanation of the external skills which can be learned by anyone to become a successful exporter


3. Some important resources to take off with your future career in global business and trade.


4. Logical, step-by-step explanation of things that would help you succeed in global business and exports.




About the instructor


The instructor has spent his whole life in global business, international trade, exports, imports and global business travel. An alumnus of IIFT, New Delhi, India, and BITS, Pilani, India, the instructor is a Ph.D. in foreign trade. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and did business in most of these countries. He has been in the business of exports, imports of several types of goods and services from India as well as from other countries. With an experience of more than 30 years in global business, exports, imports and running his own exports companies, he is best suited to explain the basic concepts of what skills can do the magic.




This course enrollment comes with


1. Anytime, anywhere eLearning


2. Verified eCertificate on completion of all lessons and assignments


3. 30 days money-back guarantee by UDEMY


4. Lifetime access to the course.


5. Plenty of online resources to take off with an international career in global trade and business




Captions in this course are available in:










Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in a global business career

Students of all age groups

Small to large business persons

Working executives in any kinds of roles

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