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Learn programming using python and its use as business function instead of standalone technical concepts.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of computing as a business function, instead of a standalone concept.
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Jupyter Notebook.
  • Variables, Data Types and Conditions.
  • Communicate to European Central Bank and Extract Exchange Rates.
  • Using APIs and extract its data using JSON Module.
  • Implementing FOR loop and WHILE in Business Cases using Python.
  • Creating Algorithm using Flowchart and structured English.
  • Understand open banking concept.
  • Creating banking reusable code using Python. Create Module, Update Balance and Get available balances Functions
  • Mastering Python Lists
  • Programming essentials using Python and driven by banking.

This course is  teaching  programming essentials in Python for absolute  beginners  and its use in banking and business. It help students to develop software components to support in Open Banking data sharing.

This Course is aiming to produce good programmers who understand Algorithms , Data structure and can implement computer science concepts in banking sector.

Course ideal for beginners who have never done programming before  to implement real banking project with an industry expert who is developing applications in banking sector since year 2000 for a number of financial institutions.

Curriculum of this course is designed to convert people who have no previous knowledge or academic background in computer science into considerable programmers.

The Course deliver knowledge not only in Python language itself, but its business implementations . Furthermore combining algorithms with Python in a banking implementation manner.  it’s something that’s missing from most other programming courses , that focus too much on the language itself, while ignoring to  show students the big picture and makes sure they understand the logic of what they are doing and how it can help them answer business questions.

This  is means students come out of the course with a holistic understanding of computing as a business function, instead of a standalone concept.

The course uses python language to achieve its goals as well as focus on the programming and algorithms essentials that are important to qualify participants to learn any previous or future programming language alone based on foundation they learned in this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Bankers and Accountants.
  • Finance and Business Students or graduates who want to specialize in Business Informatics or financial analysis.
  • Beginners who are eager to stand in solid foundation of programming using Python

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