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An Amazing Coding Experience


This course is for anyone who wants to learn Programming or choose programming as a carrer. I will cover the basic implementation of different Concepts.


We will see different kinds of in-built functions and how to solve different problems.


After going through this course you will be ready to jump into solving Coding Questions over different coding platforms.


I designed this course structure after finding a pattern among different students. I started from very basic covering the idea behind the programming language. Then I explained each topic with it’s practical implementation I tried to explain the working of each bit. How to combine these tiny pieces of code and convert the result into a working model.


This course is enough to get you started in the world of programming. No matter if you are a programmer or not, this course will surely help you.


What you’ll learn


C fundamentals for coders and non-coders.


Learn logic and how to use different syntax and functions to build solutions


Understand C and its functionalities


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


Just a device where you can watch these videos and learn C in an easy way.


Who this course is for:


Anyone who wants to learn C.


People with coding background and without coding background.


Who this course is for:

Beginner C developers and Programmers

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