Learn How To Set-up Your First Email Funnel and Start Earning From Your Email List


Welcome To The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course For Beginners!


My name is Robin Haney and I am a best selling instructor here at Udemy. I’ve taught over 60,000 students and I’ve excited to have the opportunity to work alongside with you.


This course was designed and made specifically for anyone who is completely new to ether MailChimp and Email Marketing in general.


In this course you will learn the following:


A Strong Understanding of MailChimp and Email Marketing

How To Create Your First MailChimp Account and Start Building Your Email List

How To Create a WordPress Website and Fully Integrate It With MailChimp

How To Create Sign-up Forms and Pop-forms

How To Create Your Very First Autoresponder Series

How to Re-purpose Content Online and Promote It To Your Email List

How To Find Affiliate Offers and Products To Promote

How To Make Income Passively By Promoting Affiliate Offers to Your Email List

How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Email List

How To Write Email That Sell

Plus More!


If you enroll today I will even give you my WordPress Basics course completely for FREE. It’s included in the course curriculum!


Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in the course.




Robin Haney




Who this course is for:

Anyone who is completely new to Mailchimp

Anyone Who Is Completely New To Email Marketing

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