Master the Fundamentals of Programming in C Programming Language

What you’ll learn
OVER 20 Exercises + FULL Solution Videos
Fundamentals of Programming – Summarized & Concise Material [Saving you TONS of Time!]
Animated Explanation & Illustrations – Explaining “Hard Topics” EASY
C Programming Language Concepts & Usage
C Program Structure
Using Input & Output functions
Usage of Variables – declaration | initialization | access
Control Flow – if | if-else | switch-cases
Logical Operators
Loops – while | do-while | for
Functions – declaration | definition | usage
Arrays – Why do we need them & How they can be used?
Introducing “#define”
POINTERS – Time to Sweat! – Why | When | How
Strings – (not cotton strings!) – Creating, Reading, Manipulating & Printing “TEXT”
RECURSION – Concept | Usage

What is C Programming Language?

C Language is the “mother” of all programming languages.

It first appeared almost 50 years ago and it was used for the development of so many things, including:

Development of OS.
Core parts of many famous databases like Oracle and MySQL.
And it’s still being vastly used in Cyber Industries, Sensors Development, Smart Homes & Smart Cities and yes even in companies that develop these nice little Drones.
A lot of efficient libraries in Python are actually implemented in C.
And It’s even considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming microcontrollers for embedded systems.
C Language is definitely here to STAY!


And by the way – It’s also considered that by learning C you’re definitely going to make your programming fundamentals VERY STRONG.

And finally to answer a question that a lot of you may have – there is a HIGH DEMAND for C Developers in the market – at both large companies as well as startups – and the salaries are usually PRETTY HIGH! 🙂

[Course Information]

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming using C Language – including different concepts such as:

General Programming Concepts.
Input & Output.
How variables work.
Conditions & Control Flow.
Different types of Loops.
And maybe some additional sections.

[Sections Structure]

At every section, you will be given with an:

Introduction to the General Concept.
Implementing Concept in C Programming Language.
Hands-On Exercises Challenges + FULL VIDEO SOLUTION.
Cool Milestones such as:

Developing a Calculator.
Developing your own Weather Station.
Password Guess Program.
And many more Cool Milestones that will make you feel how the Theoretical and Practical knowledge are getting together!
By the end of the course – you should be able to analyze and solve various programming problems on your own.

[Who is this course for?]

This course is mainly for Total Beginners and hobbyists who want to learn some new skills in an EASY and ATTRACTIVE manner.

This course is also for students all around the world having a hard time sitting at a class full of students and not understanding their Lecturer to the fullest.

So if you’re a Total Beginner, a student or you’re just curious about the topic – this course is ABSOLUTELY FOR YOU!

Who this course is for:
Students at the Academy
Beginner C Developers
Graduated Engineers that want to repeat Summarized & Concise Material


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