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Charisma is the ability to draw others in, charm them, and influence them. When someone is charming, it is typically easy to spot. It’s frequently more difficult to pinpoint exactly what skills or attributes those people possess that other, less charismatic individual lack. To make matters even more confusing, there are various varieties of charismatic individuals. Some people may be quieter, depending on their personal charm rather than their words to persuade others. Others are ardent communicators who enthrall everyone with their energy.

This brief course has been designed to allow you to learn all of the charisma tactics in just 40 minutes.

Finally, charisma is the outcome of strong interpersonal and communication skills. As a result, it is possible to grow and strengthen your charisma.

In this course we will explain what charisma is, the signs that you have it naturally and how to be charismatic as a man or woman:

  • Chapter 1: what is Charisma and who is a charismatic person?

  • Chapter 2: Signs that show you have natural charisma

  • Chapter 3: Being Charismatic as a man

  • Chapter 4: Being Charismatic as a woman

Charisma is the one-of-a-kind quality of someone who exudes charisma and is irresistibly alluring to others. Such a person possesses highly developed communication and persuasion skills, which he or she employs to persuade and excite others. People who are charismatic are self-assured or have the capacity to appear self-assured.

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