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*Note: This module does NOT include SEO or Organic Social related questions and is focussed on paid media and analytics tools

This course is ideal for people looking to Upskill or brush up their knowledge in:

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Performance Marketing

  3. Programatic Advertising

This course will also add a lot of value and ease your journey if you are preparing for an interview for roles related to:

  1. Digital Marketing Junior, Mid Level or strategic roles

  2. Performance Marketing Junior, Mid Level or strategic roles

  3. Programatic Advertising Junior, Mid Level or strategic roles

In this course, I explain the answers to questions – both theory and scenario based. The answers cover fundamental knowledge about various topics and will give you a solid fundamental knowledge and should make you able to answer any questions around these topics

I have also added extensive list of questions in resources section for each section – Digital Marketing in general and Programmatic Advertising section

I will keep updated the list of questions and video regularly in this course and with life-time access, you can always utilize this course to stay updated with new questions and be interview and discussion ready within our industry

I have been hiring for Digital Marketing roles for 6+ years now in different companies and also attended various peer-to-peer discussions with leads and Hiring managers within our industry. These questions have been carefully selected to ensure fundamental knowledge of most important topics and streamline the learning process for you

Questions and Explanation of most commonly asked questions in

This is for Paid media related to Google Ads, paid Social, Google Analytics, DV360

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