In this course, we will cover step by step guide to Oracle BlueKai and how to Inject, organize and Activate data in Oracle BlueKai and use it across different DSPs and SSPs DMPs are an important component of Programmatic Advertising and are used for granular audience targeting strategies across DSPs and SSPs like Google Ad Manager, DV360, MediaMath, TubeMogul, etc.

The course is divided into different sections, segmented in a way to make your learning smooth

1. Basics of DMP

2. Oracle BlueKai walk-through

Oracle BlueKai is one of the largest DMPs available in the market. We will take you through the UI to make you familiar with the UI and you should be able to familiarize with:

  • How to navigate within taxonomy of Data

  • Create Audience groups

  • Export Audience segment data

  • Push the segments to the campaigns

  • Forecast reach for audience segments

  • How to add users to the UI, etc.

3. Articles on most frequently asked questions and advanced terminology explained about Oracle Bluekai and DMPs in general

DMPs have been a very important tool for Digital Marketers and performance professionals as digital media grows more complex and more user data is created and collected on a daily basis, marketers, agencies and publishers need better ways to buy, sell and manage audience data beyond the standard suite of analytics tools. How do you capture all this valuable audience data, shape it into insights and then activate it to drive outcomes?

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