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This course is designed to make you self sufficient to run campaigns on DV360 and also shows step-by-step campaign creation in DV360. The course contains the below lessons with live DV360 UI training:

1. Difference Between Google Ads and DV360 (Learn about why people switch from Google Ads to DV360)

2. DV360 Platform Walk-through (Get familiar with the different sections of the platform)

3. Create your first Advertiser (Understand the hierarchy of a campaign elements in DV360 and learn to create an Advertisiser)

4. Create your first Campaign (Create your first campaign)

5. Create your first Insertion Order (Learn different options available while creating an Insertion order)

6. Upload Creatives (Learn about different types of creatives and how to uplaod)

7. Create Tracking pixels or Floodlight setup (Generate and download tracking pixels)

8. Create your first Line Item

9. How to report in DV360

10: Types of YouTube campaigns on DV360

11. How to Run YouTube campaigns

12. Types of Deals in DV360

13. Overview of Marketplace in DV360

14. Setup and Configure deals

15. 3rd Party creative setup

16. Native Ads and Rich media Ads

17. DOOH in DV360

DV360 is one of the biggest DSPs with access to almost all major Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks and SSPs. You can access almost any inventory available online along with Gmail and YouTube inventory which is not available in any of the DSPs. DV360 was know as DBM or Doubleclick BID manager before and is part of the Google Marketing Suite.

If you want to start your journey in Programmatic Advertising, DV360 is the perfect platform and can you land a job as a Programmatic trader or a Performance marketing specialist

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