• This course covers C++ from very basic to more advanced features.

  • The course content is 34 hours.

  • Concepts of C++ programming are made very simple and easy.

  • Every lecture is discussed with programs and execution in IDE.

  • Every Topic is explained with Real life Examples.

  • This course also covers features of modern C++ 11/ C++14/ C++17/ C++20.

You will be learning concepts perfectly and also learn how to perfectly utilize features of C++. you will be confident to develop any type of Application using C++.

What will I learn?

  • Classes and Objects

  • OOPS concepts in detail.

  • Constructors

  • Destructors

  • Operator Overloading

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Abstract Classes

  • Function Overloading

  • Function Overriding

  • Friend Members

  • Static Members

  • Shallow Copy & Deep Copy

  • Assignment Operator

  • Copy Constructors

  • Explicit Constructors

  • Virtual Functions

  • Virtual Pointers

  • Virtual Table

  • Object Slicing

  • Templates

  • Exception Handling

  • RTTI

  • dynamic_cast, const_cast, static_cast, reinterpret_cast

  • I/O Streams

  • Sorting Algorithm

  • Searching Algorithm & other algorithms

  • Iterator

  • STL

  • Array, Vector, List, Deque Container

  • Map, Set, MultiMap, MultiSet

  • Unordered Map, Unordered Set, Unordered MultiMap, Unordered MultiSet

  • Adapter Container – Stack, Queue & Priority Queue

  • std pair

  • Functor

Why enrolling this Course will be the best decision for you?

1. You will get to know about Basic to Modern C++ and will be able to sync it with real time examples

2. You will be able to write C++ projects and will also be able to execute it on IDE

3. You will be able to develop skill power logical and verbal wise too.

4. You will be able to crack any interview in today’s IT Industry.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Who this course is for:

  • C Developers, C++ Developers, Java Developers, php Developers etc.

  • College Students/ Freshers, Trainers

  • In addition with all those who interested in cracking interview

  • Also Other Language Developers

  • Testers, Freelancers

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