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If you know java basic , Its time to learn java concepts . So that you can level up your java skills

What you’ll learn

  • I will not teach you basic java like what is overriding rather i will clear concepts like ( More specific method is chosen during compile time in case of Overloading )
  • Here , What is constructor in java is not thought , But i have cleared concept related to constructor like (Declaring constructor return type (void , int , float …) makes it as method , does not give any error)
  • Explained concepts like why Non static variable can be accessed inside static method in case of Interface and why Non static variable can not be accessed inside static method in case of class
  • Covered Concept related to Exception like , If a method in Child class throws Exception then the overridden method in parent class must also throws exception or else error comes in
  • To Know more about what you will learn in this course , watch free lectures available in this course


In this course, you won’t be learning what is an interface rather you will learn that object of an interface can not be created but its reference variable can store the address of class to which it implements

Form above example you might have understood that this course is all about Java Concept, not basic java topics

Each lecture video is divide into three parts Theory, Practical and Notes revision, If you are expert in java you can learn concept just by watching theory  and Note revision part, this saves your 2/3 of time on each lecture

You will Get PDF notes for each lecture so that you do not have to waste time on making handwritten notes

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are beginner in Java
  • Students who have basic java knowledge and java object oriented programming knowledge
  • Experts in java can also take up this course , to level up them self’s in java

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