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Linux Filesystem Architecture


MULTICS — Multiplexed Information and Computing System


— Introduced in 1965 by AT&T , GE and MIT.


UNICS — Based on Multics there is one more Operating System introduced called “UNICS”


— Uni plexed Information and Computing System


— It was introduced in 1969, implemented by “Ken Thompson”


UNIX — was introduced in 1973,


— Implemented by “Ken Thompson” and “Dennis Ritche”


— This is completely written in ‘C’ Language.


— is a Open Source Operating System.


— Open Source means — They give complete source code written in ‘C’ Language.


— Based on this open source many vendors implemented different UNIX Operating


Systems like:


Sun Solaris(Oracle)








SG(Silicon Graphics) — IRIX




— Linux Operating System also introduced based on UNIX opensource.




Linux Introduction:-


Linux is a Operating System like UNIX Operating.


Linux Operating System invented based on Open source of UNIX.


Linux Operating System was invented in 1991.


The base of Linux Operating System is Linux Kernel.


Linux Operating System was implemented by “Linus Torvalds”.


Linux Operating System is opensource.


Based on Linux Opensource Many Vendors implemented Linux Flavours like














OEL(Oracle Enterprise Linux)




Plenty of Linux Flavours implemented around 600+ Linux Operating System, in that around 300 active Linux Flavours maintained.




Features of Linux:-


1. Opensource — Linux Open source and Free Software


2. Multi-Tasking — At a time we can run multiple tasks


3. Mukti-User — At a time any no.of user can login and can work.


4. Portability — Can be installed on Any Hardware. It does not require any


Specialized hardware.


5. Reliability — Large Server have successfully being running without a single second of


down time.


Most of Development Servers, Testing Servers and Production Servers are Linux Servers.


Only developer, testers machines are windows.


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