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Linux Privilege Escalation For The OSCP Training

What you’ll learn

  • How to Do Privilage Escalation in Linux
  • How to use the CLI
  • How to Prevent Privilege Escalation in Linux
  • How to Setup Linux Server in Virtual Box
  • How to create users
  • How to Linux Works

In this course, I will teach how to do Privilege Escalate from a Linux OS. We will go over around 30 privilege escalation we can perform from a Linux OS. This training will help you achieve your OSCP, how to prevent Privilege Escalation, and how to perform them, too. Privilege escalation happens when a malicious user exploits a bug, design flaw, or configuration error in an application or operating system to gain elevated access to resources that should normally be unavailable to that user. The attacker can then use the newly gained privileges to steal confidential data, run administrative commands or deploy malware.

Who this course is for:
  • Students Pursuing OSCP
  • Users Pursuing Ethical Hacker Certification
  • Users willing to learn how to perform privilage escalation

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