Fundamentals of Data Integration: Understand the core concepts and types of data integration and explore real-world examples.

Navigating IBM Information Server: Get acquainted with the components of IBM Information Server and its role in data integration.

IBM Information Server Administration: Learn to navigate the IBM Information Server Administration Console and practice essential administrative tasks.

Exploring IBM DataStage: Dive into the architecture of IBM DataStage, its key components, and practical uses

Developing in IBM DataStage: Work hands-on in DataStage, create projects, explore job types, and utilize design elements for parallel processing.

DataStage Administration: Acquire practical skills in DataStage administration, including user management, permissions, and environment variables.

Metadata Management: Practice metadata management using DataStage Designer, importing, and exporting components.

Creating Parallel Jobs: Engage in practical sessions to create parallel jobs, define parameters, and document your jobs effectively.

Accessing Sequential Data: Hands-on experience in handling sequential data, utilizing the Sequential File stage, and managing reject links.

Implementing Partitioning and Collecting Algorithms: Gain practical insights into partition parallelism, partitioning algorithms, and collecting strategies.

Combining Data with Stages: Work with Lookup, Join, Merge, and Funnel stages, and practice their applications in real-world scenarios.

Group Processing Stages: Learn to sort data effectively, remove duplicates, and utilize Aggregator stages in practical exercises.

Transforming Data: Practice using the Transformer stage, constraints, and debugging techniques for data transformation.

Repository Functions: Explore practical aspects of using the repository, finding differences between jobs, and performing impact analyses.

Working with Relational Data: Engage in hands-on activities involving connector stages, reading and writing to database tables, and utilizing data connection ob

Job Sequence Control: Gain practical experience in creating job sequences, defining triggers, and managing job activities through various stages.

Real Practice: AWS Cloud Integration: Apply your skills to integrate data with AWS Cloud services in real-world scenarios.

Real Practice: Data Vault 1.0 & 2.0 Integration: Practical exercises in integrating Data Vault concepts into your data integration projects.

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