Welcome to my course on Terragrunt!

We are going to learn how to maintain our Terraform code in better way. We will focus on how to work on Terragrunt modules, extract common parts for provider, remote state and modules itself. We will start with the basics, understand blocks that we have inside the Terragrunt. We will use some built-in functions. After that we are going to focus on why and how move to the next level, so called DRY approach (Don’t repeat yourself approach).

We will do live examples for:

– Plain terraform (aka dummy modules and environments)

– Hashicorp Vault setup

– AWS setup

I truly believe that with examples in the course and knowledge I’m going to pass over to you – you will be able to apply it to any environments you are currently maintain. Example is this course are related to AWS and Vault, but approaches presented here are relative to any cloud or provider that you are using.


This course is not going to learn you how to work with Terraform basics. It learns you how to leverage your Terraform skills with Terragrunt wrapper and Gruntwork team mindset.

I hope you will enjoy it and level up your infrastructure as a code!

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