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Impress your Seniors …Guide your Juniors


This course has 11 chapters with 71 topics.


Chapter 1: Origin of Business Ideas


Topic 1: Business Ideas from Wife or Fiancée or Girl Friend


Topic 2: Business Ideas from Children


Topic 3: Business Ideas from Customers


Topic 4: Business Ideas from the Employees


Topic 5: Business Ideas from Competitors


Topic 6: Business Ideas from Strangers


Topic 7: Business Ideas from Friends


Topic 8: Business Ideas from Forest


Topic 9: Business Ideas from Foreign Trips


Topic 10: Business Ideas from Exhibition or Trade Fair


Topic 11: Business Ideas from Missing the Train or Bus


Topic 12: Business Ideas from a Novel, Newspaper or Magazine


Topic 13: Business Ideas and Inspirations from Films


Topic 14: Business Ideas from Hobby


Topic 15: Business Ideas during College Days


Chapter 2: Right Business Decisions


Topic 16: Turning Point in Business Journey


Topic 17: Original Business Ideas of Popular Brands


Topic 18: Products Started for NRIs, Now for Indian Market


Topic 19: Narrowed Focus for Faster Growth & Success


Topic 20: Business People Not Revealing Their True Identity


Topic 21: Impact of World Wars on Business


Topic 22: The First Product of Some Companies


Chapter 3: Wrong Business Decisions


Topic 23: Missed Business Opportunities


Topic 24: Ridiculed for Start-Up


Topic 25: Gender Discrimination in Business


Chapter 4: Commendable Performance of Corporate Leaders


Topic 26: Employees Honoured Differently


Topic 27: Hardworking Business Leaders


Topic 28: Companies Grown Faster under Their Leaderships


Topic 29: Board’s Decision Is Always Final


Topic 30: Nicknamed with Appreciation


Chapter 5: Choosing Business Partners or Co-founders


Topic 31: Interesting Business Partners or Co-Founders


Topic 32: Husband and Wife Team as Business


Chapter 6: Successful and Proven Business Strategies


Topic 33: Strategy of Initial Fund Raising


Topic 34: Strategy of In-House Production


Topic 35: Strategy of Outsourcing


Topic 36: Strategy of Marketing Promotion


Topic 37: Strategy of Packaging


Topic 38: Strategy of Low Pricing


Topic 39: Strategy of Small or Minimum Quantity


Topic 40: Strategy of Quality Control


Topic 41: Strategy of Free Samples


Topic 42: Strategy of Distribution


Topic 43: Strategy of Feedback Analysis


Topic 44: Strategy of Varieties and Options


Topic 45: Strategy of Timing the Market


Chapter 7: Branding


Topic 46: Creating an Extra Image for Business Promotion


Topic 47: Competition alert to manage other players


Topic 48: Famous but Controversial TV Commercials


Topic 49: Brand Names Coined with Spelling Mistake


Topic 50: Naming of a Company or a Brand


Chapter 8: Interesting Education Levels of Business People


Topic 51: Business People Educated Differently


Topic 52: Business People Less Educated, but Excellent in Business


Topic 53: Educational Background of Some Business People


Topic 54: Business People with Poor English


Topic 55: Business Leaders with PhD


Chapter 9: Professionals Turned Business People


Topic 56: Doctors turned Business People


Topic 57: Sportsmen turned Business People


Topic 58: Professors turned Business People


Topic 59: Ex-military personnel turned Business People


Topic 60: Lawyers turned Business People


Chapter 10: Family Business Succession


Topic 61: Father Dies, the Son takes Over the business


Topic 62: Father Dies, the Daughter takes Over the Business


Topic 63: Husband Dies, the Wife takes Over the Business


Chapter 11: Personal Life of Business People


Topic 64: Childhood Suffering by Business People


Topic 65: Childhood interest of Business People


Topic 66: The Frugal Businessmen


Topic 67: Businessmen’s family suffered during Partition


Topic 68:Patriotic Business People


Topic 69: Genes Responsible for Success in Business?


Topic 70: Business people meeting their wives


Topic 71: Will of the Business People

Who this course is for:

Graduates in any discipline (Commerce,Science Engineering )

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