Course Definition:

This is a photography course for those who want to learn the main concepts of photography, with practical application step by step using professional Reflex cameras.

In the first chapter, the course presents basic aspects of photography, such as framing, depth of field, sweep, still life, portrait and landscape. Additionally, the fundamentals of light management and white balance are presented.

The second chapter explains the exposure triangle and shows the different parts and components of a professional camera. In this case, two models are used: an EOS 500d Rebel T1i camera and a more modern EOS 90D camera; seeking to establish that the principles are the same despite the fact that the functionalities of the most modern equipment make it easier and more intuitive.

The explanations on these two cameras maintain a neutral focus, so that a user can understand how things are done and why, so that they can handle practically any camera model and brand.


Chapter 4 deals with the different objective lenses and Chapter 5 about the rules of photographic composition such as:

  • Rule of thirds

  • Centered

  • Curved lines and s curve

  • Horizon line

  • Diagonal lines

  • Symmetry

  • Converging lines

  • Natural framing

  • Vertical or horizontal

  • Get closer to the frame

  • Part of a whole

  • Tilt the plane

  • Point of view

  • Empty space

  • Shades

  • Contrast of colors

  • Selective focus

  • Importance of scale

Finally, chapter 6 develops practical exercises to apply what has been learned, taking pictures of moving car lights, portrait, still life, sweep and backlighting.

We hope you enjoy the course.

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