Be a fly on the wall as we prepare for and shoot complicated scenes, explaining over 2 dozen advanced techniques that will maximize production value and optimize your time on set. Take your skills to the highest level and approach your next film with the utmost confidence.

“I would recommend this course to filmmakers of all levels. The scope and quality of the material covered is of an exceptionally high standard, and there are tons of practical takeaways to implement directly into your work. Write a script, watch this course, then go make a film!” – Pearse Healy (Director of Photography)

Throughout this Masterclass, our goal is to provide you with an all-inclusive understanding of technical directing so that planning and filming even the most complicated scene will come as second nature. Throughout this entire course, we’ll be blocking in 3D, using our six manikins. Our manikins are perfect for blocking out scenes and describing camera techniques as they’re completely expressionless, so all of the emotion and energy in the scene must be accomplished from the camera move alone – putting all emphasis on the camera technique rather than the performance. In doing this, you’ll see just how important camera work is when attaching emotion to a scene and drawing the audience into the character’s frame of mind and the action within the scene.

This class is intended for directors and DOPs of all levels – from beginners to seasoned pros who want to take their technical directing to the highest level. This class will also benefit actors who want to gain a more technical understanding, and anyone looking to cross over from other disciplines.

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I’m confident that you’ll find this to be an invaluable course on technical directing, with unique insights and techniques that you won’t find in any other Udemy course.

We’re excited to watch you take these next steps as a director and we hope to see your work on the big screen very soon!

– The CastandHire team

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