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Fundamentals of Salesforce Developer including Apex and Visualforce Development. Kickstart a super career in Salesforce.


Salesforce is a Fortune 500 company based in California and provides world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem, helping businesses streamline their sales, service, marketing and other activities.


Salesforce is one of the leading platforms for organizations looking to improve their sales automation and host their CRM system in the cloud. The Salesforce platform helps companies drive business and improve sales, and the software is being put to use by organizations around the world.


A Salesforce Developer specializes in using the Visualforce, Lightning and Apex programming languages to design and implement solutions within the context of the Salesforce platform.




This Salesforce Developer course by Uplatz will help you acquire skills in developing and managing customized applications on the Salesforce Platform. You will also learn the fundamentals of salesforce programming. The Salesforce Developer course explains you the concepts like Apex Programming, Triggers, Building forms on the Visualforce page. This Salesforce Developer training will provide a hands-on understanding of building business applications through Salesforce Programming.


The Salesforce Developer training will also get you prepared for the Salesforce Developer Certification exam. The course covers many of the skills needed to be a Salesforce administrator, which will empower you to start creating solutions on the Salesforce platform even before you learn to code.




Course Objectives


Create and modify objects using the declarative interface


Write business logic customizations using Apex triggers and classes


Design programmatic solutions that take advantage of declarative customizations


Describe how your trigger code works within the basics of the Save Order of Execution


Describe some of the fundamental aspects of designing programs on a multi-tenant platform


Write Visualforce markup and code to customize the user interface


Use the built-in testing framework to test Apex and Visualforce




Salesforce Developer – Course Syllabus




Salesforce Developer Introduction


Triggers in Salesforce


Triggers in Salesforce overview


Triggers with Example


Triggers Order of Execution, Triggers Not Executed Scenarios


Visualforce in Salesforce


Visualforce Page Basics, MVC Model, Static Resources, Input, Output and List


Visualforce Different Tag Example


Visualforce Custom Controller Concept with Examples


Salesforce Apex Developer


Basics of Apex Class, Test Class and Collections


Apex Fundamentals


Asynchronous of Apex Example of Future Methods, Batchable and Schedulable




Roles in Salesforce


There are 3 different types of roles that you can have within the Salesforce platform. This course focuses on Salesforce Developers.




Whether you’re a brand-new or experienced Administrator, get the core knowledge you need to get up to speed, perform at your best, and get the most out of Salesforce.


Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADM-201)


Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins in Lightning Experience (ADM-211)




Learn how to build custom apps that transform how your enterprise connects with employees and customers.


Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience (DEX403)


Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visualforce (DEX450)


Program Lightning Web Components (DEX602)


End Users


Get your whole team of Salesforce users—including sales and support reps, marketing managers, and executives—up to speed quickly.


Reporting Fundamentals in Lightning Experience (RPX101)


Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers (EEB101)


Getting Started with Journey Builder (JB101)


Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers (PDX101)


Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials (MCC201)


Who this course is for:

Salesforce Developers & Administrators

Salesforce Apex and Lightning Developers

Newbies and Beginners aspiring for a career as Salesforce Developer

Technical Architects

Anyone interested in learning Salesforce Development

Salesforce Vlocity Developers

Aspirants for Salesforce Platform Developer Certification

Salesforce Architects – JavaScript, Java

Software Engineers & Application Developers

Salesforce Consultants & Analysts

Salesforce Technical Leads

Solution Architects

Cloud Engineers & Developers

CRM Analysts

Engineering Managers & Product Managers

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