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97% Pass in First Attempt Easily Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4


97% Pass in First Attempt Easily




SAS Certified Associate: Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4. The SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals exam will test the candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge necessary to write basic SAS programs to access, explore, prepare, manipulate and analyze data. The exam is based upon foundational knowledge covered in the SAS Programming


1. Essentials and SAS Programming


2. Data Manipulation Techniques courses. This is an entry-level exam designed for the novice programmer who does not have much practical experience programming in SAS.


Fundamental SAS Concepts


Recall general rules of DATA and PROC steps


Recognize general rules of SAS statements including global statements


Interpret the SAS log


Distinguish between syntax and logic errors


Explore SAS Data Sets


Recall naming conventions used for SAS data sets and variables


Recognize variable types.


Explain how to create and manipulate SAS date values


Recognize how SAS stores missing data


Use the LIBNAME statement to read SAS data sets


Use PROC CONTENTS to view the descriptor portion of a data set


Recall how to use Data Set options: DROP=, KEEP=, RENAME=, OBS=


Using the DATA Step to Access SAS Data Sets


Use the DATA statement to create one or multiple data sets


Use the SET statement to read a data set


Explain how to combine data sets


Explain the compilation and execution process of the DATA step


Subset observations and variables


Using the DATA Step to Manipulate Data


Create or update variables


Recognize SAS Functions


Perform conditional processing


Control the output of observations


Create an accumulating variable


Explain the function of iterative DO loops


Assign permanent attributes


Generate Reports Using PROC Steps


Use PROC PRINT to generate a detail report


Use PROC MEANS to generate a summary report


Use PROC FREQ to generate a frequency report


Identify methods to enhance reports


Use Utility Procedures


Use PROC SORT to sort a report based on values of a variable


Use PROC FORMAT to define custom formats


Import and Export non-SAS files


Use a procedure to transfer a CSV file


Use the LIBNAME statement to import and export an Excel file with XLSX engine


Use ODS to direct reports to external files

Who this course is for:

Data analysts , Data engineers, IT engineers

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