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Learn how to Navigate in SAP and how to Use SAP – Understand the Structure of SAP with this Easy to Follow Course


This course is perfect for you, if you want to learn how you can use SAP and to understand how SAP works.


You will learn what SAP is exactly and how you yourself can use it. You will first gain valuable knowledge by understanding the business processes that are conducted in an organization. Based on that acquired process know-how you will learn how to post these business processes directly in SAP. You will build up valuable practical capabilities and a deep understanding of concepts of SAP as an ERP-System.




What qualifies me to teach you?


My name is Stefan and I’ve been working with SAP for almost a decade. That means I have set up and run SAP systems for many different companies and in various countries in Europe and the US across all kind of industries. During that time I held countless user trainings and gained the capability to teach SAP efficiently and effectively.




After completing this course you will be able to process important documents in SAP like a sales order or a purchase order. That means you are not only able to sell goods and to procure services in the SAP system but you will also be able to ship goods to a customer and to bill a customer. Additionally you will know how to work effectively and efficiently by using high quality master data. You will understand the importance of customer and material master data in detail.




This course is particularly suitable for you, if you are


– SAP Beginner without practical experience in SAP


– Experienced in only one SAP module and want to expand your knowledge to other modules now


– Software developer and if you want to understand how business processes are realized in SAP


This course is not right for you if you have already in dept knowledge of SAP – This is a beginners course.


There are no requirements that you need to fulfill to start this course – it is a beginners course. You can start right away




My Promise to You


I’m an experienced SAP consultant and online teacher. I’ll guide you step by step. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.




Please note: This course doesn’t provide access to an SAP system. It will help a bit if you have access to an SAP System where you can exercise. But this course is designed in a way that doesn’t require you to have access to an SAP system.


Who this course is for:

Everyone, who wants to understand the basics of SAP

SAP Beginners who are already familiar with one module in SAP and who want to extend their knowledge and capabilities

Everyone who wants to use SAP

Everyone who wants to understand common business processes in organisations in details

Everyone who wants to understand the concepts and requirements of an ERP-System in detail

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