Hi, welcome to This Comprehensive SQL Bootcamp “SQL Mastery: Enough SQL To Be A Professional

Developing, manipulation and managing relational databases with SQL is a very powerful and useful skill for any engineer, developer, programmers and also, non-programmers.

SQL is a tool that will open up many jobs and offers for you because of its great importance and benefits in the software industry and companies.

SQL is a must-have skill for anyone who wants to become a professional developer, engineer, or data scientist.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn all the SQL skills you need to know to develop, manipulate, manage and communicate with relational databases effectively and in no time!

You will be able to manipulate and combine all of the SQL skills together, and you will become truly an expert in SQL and Relational Databases Professional.


You’ll learn:

  • SQL Introduction, Work Environment, DBMS vs RDBMS
  • The basics of SQL Queries and CRUD Skills
  • Working with Different data types and operations in SQL
  • SQL Constraints, Rules & Data Types
  • Data Sorting and Filtering by Orders
  • Combining tables with Union & Union All
  • Managing and Joining Multiple tables at the same time
  • Set Conditions and filtering fields and records using many ways
  • Creating Databases and tables and essential skills for relational databases
  • Copying tables and Views
  • Functional Programming in SQL
  • Task to apply all the SQL fundamentals to be A SQL Professional


Hi, my name is Ahmed Ibrahim El-mohandes, I’m a Lead Software Engineer and Data Science Professional and I’ll be the instructor for this SQL Programming Course. I’ll be very very happy to teach you this Course.

Learn and practice the essential concepts of SQL Programming to become a professional database engineer effectively and quickly without wasting your valuable time.

So, what are you waiting for, enroll now to go through this complete and powerful course to learn on of the most popular skills in the software industry, SQL.

Let’s get started

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