Join us in “Squarespace Templates Unleashed: DFY Websites in Half the Time” and gain access to a whole new world of efficient, appealing, and user-friendly website design. This course provides:


  • An understanding of the power and potential of Squarespace’s extensive array of 1st and 3rd party templates.
  • Time-saving techniques to craft stunning websites without years of web design experience or advanced coding skills.

Our course is divided into ten comprehensive chapters, including:

  1. Introduction: A welcoming overview of the Squarespace platform.
  2. 1st party vs 3rd party templates: Learn the distinctions and decide which is best for your needs.
  3. Changing the template to match your brand: Master the art of customizing templates to align perfectly with your brand aesthetics.
  4. Adding your own content (Parts 1 & 2): Detailed guidance on incorporating and adjusting content, making any template adapt to your specific needs and industry sector.
  5. Modifying the template: Learn how to fine-tune your template to make your website truly unique.
  6. Checking on Mobile: A deep dive into optimizing your website for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.
  7. Favourite Sections: Insider tips on the most impactful elements to boost user engagement.
  8. Preflight Checklist: A thorough rundown of essential checks to ensure a smooth launch of your website.
  9. Real-world projects from PixelHaze Templates: Practical demonstrations of template use in real-world scenarios, including Strand Cafe, Styled by Cait, and Llwyn Madoc.

With “Squarespace Templates Unleashed,” you’re not just learning – you’re gaining a more efficient and effective way to connect with your audience online. Whether you’re running a small business, promoting your freelance work, managing a non-profit, or simply looking to improve your web design skills, this course is a valuable resource for achieving your goals faster and easier.

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