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In this course you will know:

1. Complete understanding of CM360

2. Uses and benefits of CM360

3. How it fits in programmatic ecosystem

4. Trafficking workflow

5. Setup Advertiser, campaigns, Placements, Sites, Ads and creatives

6. How to setup floodlight configuration

7. How to create Remarketing campaigns

This course is useful for students and professionals who are looking to get programmatic advertising skills and get an edge in their career. This course is one stop course for learning operational and conceptual knowledge on DoubleClick Campaign Manager

CM360 is one of the most used Ad Server and used by likes of Apple, Amazon and Disney

By learning this course, you will be easily able to apply for Ad Ops positions and Programmatic Advertising positions – both strategic roles and operations. In this course I will create campaigns with one hypothetical client – eToro

I will also share the best practices at each step to give you an understanding of how professionals in Advertising agencies use this tool

Here is the agenda of the course:

Video 1 : Introduction to CM360

Video 2: Platform Walkthrough of the UI

Video 3: Trafficking workflow in CM360

Video 4: Create an advertiser

Video 5: Create a campaign

Video 6: Create Placements

Video 7: Upload creatives in the advertiser

Video 8: Download Tags in different formats for both tracking Ads and standard Ads

Video 9: Floodlight configuration in CM360 and how to generate conversion pixels

Video 10: Create Audiences and create remarketing Ads using the Audiences

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