This course is for someone who wants to get into Programmatic Advertising. In this course we will first explain:

Section 1:

Evolution of Programatic Advertising

Overall ecosystem of Programatic Advertising

What are the different parties involved in the ecosystem

Section 2:

Once you have a basic understanding of this, we will directly jump into DV360 UI which is the largest DSP to run Programatic campaigns and will learn:

1. Difference between DV360 and Google Ads and why should advertisers switch to DV360

2. Step by step walk-through on live dashboard about how to create Advertiser, Campaigns, Insertion Order and Line Items

3. You will learn about reporting and go through different types of reports and dashboard and learn to schedule and export these reports

4. You will learn about types of YouTube campaigns and how to traffic Different types of YouTube campaigns

5. You will also learn how to create an impactful campaign (Display and YouTube) and what strategy should you adapt when choosing targeting and how you should traffic multiple line items to create an impactful overall campaign

Here are the lessons in this section:

1. Difference Between Google Ads and DV360 (Learn about why people switch from Google Ads to DV360)

2. DV360 Platform Walk-through (Get familiar with the different sections of the platform)

3. Create your first Advertiser (Understand the hierarchy of a campaign elements in DV360 and learn to create an Advertisiser)

4. Create your first Campaign (Create your first campaign)

5. Create your first Insertion Order (Learn different options available while creating an Insertion order)

6. Upload Creatives (Learn about different types of creatives and how to uplaod)

7. Create Tracking pixels or Floodlight setup (Generate and download tracking pixels)

8. Create your first Line Item

9. How to report in DV360

10: Types of YouTube campaigns on DV360

11. How to Run YouTube campaigns

12. Types of Deals in DV360

13. Overview of Marketplace in DV360

Section 3:

Once we have a clear understanding of the above, we will learn about one of the most talked about platforms – DMPs or Data Management Platforms:

1. I will explain what a DMP is

2. Take you through one of the largest DMPs – Oracle Bluekai

3. Step by step show you how to create Audiences and Execute/Extract them

Overall this course will serve as a fundamental course to give you a solid understanding of Programatic Advertising whether you are preparing for an interview, Job change or getting up-skilled to work as a Programmatic Trader or DMP consultant

Section 4:

1. Introduction to DoubleClick Campaign Manager

2. Why use it?

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