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Get started to build and development Interative Web apps with Google’s very own JavaScript framework Angular 9+

What you’ll learn
Complete Angular Framework from scratch
Setup Angular 9+ project the right way
Angular directory structure
Creating and Managing custom components in Angular
Styling Angular components dynamically
Integrating Bootstrap into Angular Framework
Learn how interpolation works in Angular
Integrate Event Binding
Use in-built Pipes and create custom Pipes
Create and manage Directives in Angular
Create and manage services in Angular
Learn to use HTTP client modules from scratch

Angular is a JavaScript Framework built and maintained by Google. It is the most stable and advanced JavaScript framework which used widely to improve the website application speed and performance. In this course your will learn the Angular 9+ Course from a complete beginner to advanced level.

We are going to cover many topics which also includes Components in Angular: Styling in Angular, Install External styles & scripts, Interpolation, Data Binding, Primitive Data Binding, Directives in Angular, Event Binding, Pipes in Angular, Decorators in Angular, Http client in Angular and much more.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who has just completd the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to extent their skills in JavaScript
Anyone who is willing to build their own JavaScript based project
Anyone who wants to learn angular