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The best developer course on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM), PowerApps, Prepared by Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT)


This course is your entry point to Dynamics 365 Customer engagement(CRM) and PowerApps development. You will learn the basics of Development on Dynamics 365 CE.


This course is the part 1 of the 8 course series on Dynamics 365 & PowerApps development.




What you would learn?


Basics of Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 CE architecture


OOB Vs Code based customization


Entity, View and Dashboard customization


Plugin development basics


Custom workflow activities


JavaScript development basics


Overview of Power Platform



Who should Attend?


Anyone can attend this course as long as you want to become a Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer.


You can be:




IT Manager




Software Architects


Job Opportunities for Dynamics 365 CE and PowerApps developers:


• Dynamics 365 provides an amazing job opportunity. There is a need for more developers in the market than functional consultants and administrators. 1:5 Ratio of functional Consultant to developers


• Average Salary $80,000 to $120,000 per annum for experienced 5-10 years developer.




Course Contents:


This course includes 8 sessions and 50+ chapters. The following are the 8 sessions includes in the Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer Beginner course.



Section 1 – Course Overview


Section 2 – Dynamics 365 CE Overview


Section 3 – Customizing Dynamics 365 CE


Section 4 – Set up Development environment


Section 5 – Customization Basics


Section 6 – OOB Customization


Section 7 – Code based Customization


Section 8 – Microsoft Power Platform




Pre-requisites to attend this course:


Basic Computer knowledge


C# Programming Fundamentals


JavaScript Basics


Interest to learn a new application.




What is the next step?


The next step would be start learning part 2- Dynamics 365 development course.




8 course Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps development Course Series.


You can continue learning Dynamics 365 and PowerApps development through the following courses:


Course 1 – Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps Developer Beginner Course


Course 2 – OOB Customization in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 3 – Automation in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 4 – Code Based Customization in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 5 – Advanced Development in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 6 – JavaScript Development in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 7 – Web API in Dynamics 365 CE


Course 8 – PowerApps Development Course.


By the end of this course series you will be an expert Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer 🙂


Who this course is for:

Developers who want to switch into Dynamics 365 domain

Students who want to jump into Dynamics 365 career

Anyone who want to start their career in Dynamics 365


IT Managers

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