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What is Labor reform? Is it relevant to me? Why to learn reforms? what does it costs if you don’t know labor reforms? All the answers can be found in this course. The objective of this course is to help you understand, and experience the biggest reform in India after GST and its impact on every single person. After 73 years of Independence, work has been done to provide social security not only to every single person who is working in this country but also to their families. This course explains in detail one of the much-awaited reform dealing with employment laws that will bring the Industrial Revolution in a true sense. The traditional way of hiring, Pay structure, Documentation, Financial planning, Redressal Forum, Punishment, reporting, Audit, and Compliance has changed and you all are expected to know them and implement them effectively wherever you are working. HR cannot work without having a Strong grip on labor laws moreover they are expected to prevent litigation. The technicalities and Key changes which can affect your employment are explained in a simple language with examples. This course is also helpful to understand and compare the before and after effects of labor reforms. You will not only be able to understand the Code but also learn its application. There are numerous examples in this course that will help you understand the key concepts. After learning this course you will be able to develop the skill of reading and interpreting all four codes.

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