Welcome to Tiktok Ads Full Tutorial: From Beginner to Expert, as more and more business owners, products resellers, affiliate marketers are looking to find alternatives to Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads due to multiple reasons including rising cost per click, cost per mile, competitiveness, Tiktok Ads is there waiting for you to join as it offers relatively lower CPC, CPM, CPA as well as broader audience and advance custom targeting to obtain the highest conversion rate possible. In this course, you will be guided step by step on how to set up your first Tiktok Ads campaign, understanding each Tiktok Ads advertising options, such as traffic, community interaction, lead management, website conversion, and most importantly you will learn which option to choose that suits your advertising obejective the most depending on the type of product/service you intend to promote. In addition, you will get to learn how to spy on high converting Tiktok Ads and use them as inspiration for your ad content while still adding your own creativity and innovation to your ad. Moreover, you will be taught how to budget your campaign effectively, knowing when to scale up your ad if it performs well and knowing when to stop your ad when it does not perform as you expected. Making sure you are compliant toward Tiktok Ads policy is also an important aspect that you need to take seriously, therefore, this course also specifically discusses things that you should avoid in your ad to lower your risk of getting suspended for violating their terms and conditions.  Last but not least, this course mainly concentrates on audience targeting strategy where you will be intensely trained on how to take advantage of Tiktok Ads features and algorithms to get the highest conversion possible, starting from filtering potential audience based on demographic, age group, location (countries and cities), interest, to Tiktok accounts they have interacted or engaged within last couple weeks. In conclusion, taking this course will not transform you to be an expert overnight, nevertheless, it will provide you with strong foundations which you basically need to excel and you are the one that decide which direction you want to go after getting all these knowledge and skills.

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