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Two full workshops packed in 1 great course | Learn the Essentials | Master the Basics | All the FUN without the FLUFF!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the essentials first before the basics
  • Understand how watercolor behaves
  • How much water to use
  • How to go lighter with your colors
  • How to go darker with your colors
  • Master basic techniques
  • How to avoid washed out paintings
  • How to avoid patchy, overworked paintings
  • Paint new activities (No repetitive drills)
  • Paint Sea and Land Animals (No fruit, vegetables or salads)
  • How to prepare your puddles
  • How to do a wash (The right way)
  • How to blend your washes using 1 color
  • How to blend your washes using 2 colors
  • How to make smooth, gradual blends
  • How to paint in details and features
  • How to layer or glaze to make your paintings glow
  • How to paint shadows without getting muddy
  • How to paint elements like leaves, trees, wood, grass
  • How to handle your brush to paint simple textures
  • How to “paint without painting”
  • How to use masking techniques
  • How to paint backgrounds (What to paint first, next and last)
  • How to mix colors
  • How to mix even more colors using only 3 pigments
  • The biggest take away about Color Theory
  • Tips and best practices to avoid common mistakes

I’d say that he is a patient teacher and a very effective communicator. He is also organised and gets to the point so you have more time to learn. He is also funny which makes the class more fun. Time just flew by because he showed passion in his art and it was obvious when he taught. – Suzie Ang

Have you ever tried “painting with water” before?

Do you want to learn how to make fun, colorful, translucent watercolor paintings?

It’s simpler than you think!

Watercolor is a FUN way to paint!

It can swirl and drip, blend and bleed, all of this randomness and free flow,

believe it or not,

can make painting effortless and

open up many possibilities for your creativity to flow.

It can push you out of your comfort zone

and it can also pull you in to the moment.

It’s the only medium that can paint a painting with you.

What that means is,

you apply the paint and let the water do the rest.

How cool is that?!


Hey there! Broderick here and I paint in watercolor professionally,

from simple character designs, to realism, to fun art, even fine art pieces hanging in Museums in Europe.

  • I’ve been a featured artist for a major art supply chain (Youtube: “urban sketching broderick wong”)
  • Social media loves my quirky watercolor pet portraits (Google: “vancouver is awesome broderick wong”)
  • Placed first in live watercolor painting competitions (2016 Harmony Festival Plein Air Champion ; 2018 Grand Prix Plein Air Masters Division Champion)
  • The Fabriano InAcquarello 2020, an international watercolor painting conference hosted in Italy,

    invited me to do an online painting demonstration as an international artist. (Google: “inarte fabriano 2020 brod wong”)

  • I’ve led live watercolor painting workshops for people who have never picked up a brush before


When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about painting or watercolor.

I was doing only black and white portraiture,

but I knew that if I wanted to challenge myself and grow,

I needed to learn color:

1) I played with watercolor, but it did everything except what I wanted it to

2) I experimented with acrylics, but it dried too quickly

3) Oils, well, it didn’t dry fast enough

I got frustrated.

Everything I tried just wasn’t for me.

After 1 year, I gave watercolor another chance, but this time, I approached it differently.

I learned from books and non-instructional YouTube videos that I played over and over again

because I couldn’t find any instructors to guide me.

I had to figure it out on my own.

I ruined many watercolor paintings and didn’t know how to do them differently.

I experienced many happy accidents, but didn’t know how to recreate them successfully.

I persevered and took a handful of workshops and,

over a brief period, I developed a certain fluency in “reading” watercolor.

Watercolor has taught me so much about art, about myself, even about life!

This is why watercolor to me, is for life.

To anyone out there who has tried learning on their own but needs more guidance,

to those who have tried their hand at it and need a fresh way of approaching their workflow,

to those that don’t even have any art background and are looking to try something new,

I’ve been there, and I got you covered.

Fast forward to today, if I could have kick-started a path to success for myself to follow,

to learn watercolor painting quicker without making so many mistakes, what would that look like?

Through my experience in teaching myself and others,

I have peeled away those layers to its core essence,

and it is with this awareness that I present to you:

Watercolor Painting for Beginners

I’m excited to help you learn to create watercolor paintings you could be proud of!

Broderick’s personality to teach made the learning enjoyable. It was not about how good he was an artist but how we can achieve what he was showing us to accomplish a finished painting. The technique was simple, easy to follow and not hard to comprehend. Broderick is inspirational and “YES” Watercolour Essentials is the WAY TO GO!!! – April Lee



Whether you’ve never picked up a brush before, or if you’re hoping to understand the medium better,

you’ll want to finally learn watercolor the way it’s meant to be used.


Are you looking for a new hobby,

or maybe you’ve gathered a collection of watercolor supplies but haven’t found the time or courage to paint

or maybe you’re looking for a break from other more career goal oriented courses?

  • Are you concerned about buying more than you need or can afford?
  • Do you learn best through casual conversations instead of formal lectures?
  • Would you appreciate tips, reminders, directing you through exercises every step of the way?

With watercolor, you don’t need a lot of materials to start painting.

I recommend a few decent materials that are not crazy expensive nor are they sub-par-quality cheap.

I’ve also designed Watercolor Painting for Beginners to be sequential,

which means, steps from previous lessons are seamlessly incorporated with the new.

“Thank you so much Broderick! This was a nice experience for me. I never knew I would fall in love with watercolour. I like the way you teach, it is easy to pick up and everything makes sense to me. Hoping to continue my journey with watercolour.” Joanne Whang

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